Temple, GA

#526R6 DB Top Outlet Insulated Box

#526R6 DB Top Outlet Insulated Box


Product Specifications

ASTM-A653 CS Type B Galvanized Steel – 30GA
G-30 Coating LFQ Chemical Treatment

Ceiling boot assembled with C-115 2/16 zinc coated steel rivets. Rectangular opening with 1″ 90deg outboard flange and 1/2″ drywall lip.

Knauf Eclipse® Air Duct Board with ECOSE® Technology – Rigid fiber glass board on one side with a foil-scrim-kraft(FSK) vapor retarder and a lightweight black fiber glass mat on the airstream surface. ASTM C1136; Type II (FSK facing), ASTM G 21, C 411, UL 181, ASTM C 665, NFPA 90A & 90B.

Knauf Equipment Liner M with ECOSE® Technology Available Thickness: R6 – 1½”
ASTM C 1071, Type I, Flexible (replaces obsolete Federal Specification HH-I-545B.) NFPA 90A/90B, ASTM C 665/1617 Temperature Range (ASTM C 411), Microbial Growth
(ASTM C 1338, G 21)

526R6G w/fire retardant polyethylene foam double stick 3M tape UL94-HF-1

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