Temple, GA
Established in 1989

About Royal Metal Products


In 2021, Royal Metal Products was acquired by Smiths Group plc and merged into the Flex-Tek Division. The addition of Royal Metal Products, along with current Flex-Tek companies, creates an expanded construction product portfolio. Developing a broader HVAC air distribution presence, particularly in residential new construction and multi-family end markets, significantly increases future growth potential. Our objectives are to enhance our position with current customers, introduce us to new opportunities, and help power the continued expansion of Flex-Tek.

Royal Metal Products was founded in Douglasville, GA in 1989 by J.R. (Roy) Crider and Jim Ishee. Their vision was to create the premier manufacturer and provider of residential HVAC sheet metal products in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Both owners committed to providing their distribution partners with the highest quality products in the industry, at the market price, and supported with exceptional customer service. The establishment of key partnerships with the highest caliber of wholesalers throughout the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states led to consistent growth each year.

To support the needs of our customer base and the growing housing market, Royal Metal Products has consistently invested in upgrading the plant facilities, equipment, manufacturing processes, product R&D, and customer service initiatives. As a result, our operations produce over 3,500 different HVAC products supported by core products of metal pipe, elbows, ductwork, register boots, insulated boxes, collars, wyes, tees, flexible duct, and ceiling radiation dampers.

In 2005, Royal Metal Products built a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Temple, GA, and in 2007 expanded with another 60,000 square feet. Today the plant has a footprint of over 280,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. In addition, the manufacturing facility is supported by an internal machine shop with machinists, and a comprehensive logistics department including our own professional drivers and fleet of company trucks.

Royal Metal Product’s production employees are incentivized for piece production above set standards, which results in high productivity, low turnover, and unmatched product quality. In recent years, we have elevated our safety program and introduced equipment automation, leading to higher levels of product quality. The future has been anticipated and embraced by Royal Metal Products and we stand ready to serve your needs.

The Royal Advantage

Superior Quality
Royal Metal Products delivers the highest quality products in the industry. We use the highest grade steel and materials, and we are committed to continuous improvement in all stages of manufacturing to meet and exceed the industry benchmarks set for each product. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment ensure that we keep pace with the ever-changing and growing marketplace. Additionally, every product is stamped with our logo and size for ease of identification and stocking, and each box is inspected for quality and count accuracy.
Superior Service
Royal Metal Products offers an unmatched level of personalized customer service. Our dedicated customer service representatives verify receipt and accuracy for every order and follow up with a call to schedule deliveries 1-2 days before shipment. During deliveries, our truck drivers will assist in the unloading process and will call in any errors or shortages before leaving the branch. All errors or shortages are shipped same or next business day at our expense. We extend to all of our customers a standard weekly delivery service with no back-orders.
Superior Value
Royal Metal Products ensures superior value by selling superior quality products and service for the same market price as our competitors, and doing so consistently over time. These three elements delivered in combination, along with our 100% product satisfaction guarantee, create a business experience for our customers that is unmatched in the industry. At Royal Metal Products, we stand ready to serve your needs.