Temple, GA

#310F Duct Board Starting Collar

#310F Duct Board Starting Collar


Product Specifications

With damper

ASTM-A653 CS Type B Galvanized Steel, G-30 Coating LFQ Chemical Treatment

Starting Collars are assembled with 1/8″ x 1/8″ Zinc Coated Steel Rivets

Rolled formed and features 1 1/2 crimp and 3/8″ Convex Bead(s) for Branch Duct Connection

Duro Dyne Rapit Regulator 5 piece w/ handle

1″ Wide – 30GA – Corrugated for added durability

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#310F Duct Board Starting Collar

Product SKUs

SKU Description Box Qty.
310F10 310-F 10″ DB COLLAR W/ DMP 24
310F12 310-F 12″ DB COLLAR W/ DMP 18
310F14 310-F 14″ DB COLLAR W/ DMP 12
310F5 310-F 5″ DB COLLAR W/ DMP 60
310F6 310-F 6″ DB COLLAR W/ DMP 30
310F7 310-F 7″ DB COLLAR W/ DMP 36
310F8 310-F 8″ DB COLLAR W/ DMP 24
310F9 310-F 9″ DB COLLAR W/ DMP 30

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