Temple, GA

#261SC Flex Connector

#261SC Flex Connector


Product Specifications

ASTM-A653 CS Type B Galvanized Steel, G-30 Coating LFQ Chemical Treatment

Starting Collars are assembled with 1/8″ x 1/8″ Zinc Coated Steel Rivets

Rolled formed and features 1 1/2 crimp and 3/8″ Convex Bead(s) for Duct Connection

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#261SC Flex Connector

Product SKUs

SKU Description Box Qty.
261SC10 261SC 10″ FLEX CONN 25
261SC12 261SC 12″ FLEX CONN 20
261SC14 261SC 14″ FLEX CONN 15
261SC4 261SC 4″ FLEX CONN 60
261SC6 261SC 6″ FLEX CONN 60
261SC7 261SC 7″ FLEX CONN 50
261SC8 261SC 8″ FLEX CONN 40
261SC9 261SC 9″ FLEX CONN 30

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