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#904 Flex Duct (Black)

#904 Flex Duct (Black)


Black Jacket 904 Series

All thermal performance (R-Values) are classified by ETL ( Enter Laboratories ) in accordance with ADC Flexible Duct Performance and Installation Standards. Using ASTM C-518 (1991), at installed wall thickness, on flat insulation only.


Air Tight Inner Core
Double lamination of strong polyester encapsulates a steel wire helix.

Formaldehyde- free Multi-thicknesses (R4,R6,R8) wraps the double layer inner core. Mold and mildew resistance. ECOSE non petroleum base binding Technology.

Tough and durable black polyethylene outer vapor barrier.

Product Description

Royal Metal Flexible Duct Conforms to U.L. standard 181 for Class 1 Flexible Air Ducts, and is manufactured with a durable black polyethylene jacket. The three products have an air-tight inner core designed to operate at medium to low pressures in HVAC systems. The product is insulated to meet geographic building code requirements. Narrow wire spacing on core allows for low friction loss and low operating cost. Insulation Formaldehyde free, mold and mildew resistance with ECOSE Technology prevents itching when installing.

Application and Compliances

Product is designed for indoor use as a supply or return air duct in low to medium pressure residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. All three R values can be used to complete air duct systems’, branch duct, connecting to mixing boxes, diffusers, room inlets, or other devices. R factor requirements are determined by geographic building codes. UL 181, NFPA 90A & 90B

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#904 Flex Duct (Black)

Product SKUs

SKU Description Box Qty.
904R410 904 10″ FLEXDUCT BLACK R4 (25′ BAG) 12
904R412 904 12″ FLEXDUCT BLACK R4 (25′ BAG) 9
904R414 904 14″ FLEXDUCT BLACK R4 (25′ BAG) 9
904R610 904 10″ FLEXDUCT BLACK R6 (25′ BAG) 12

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